Hey there, I'm Samantha Morales, Emerging from the enchanting landscapes of Belize and thriving within the heart of Orlando. My journey is a canvas of artistry, where innovation and creativity harmoniously blend, inspired by the beauty of two separate worlds.
In 2019, I earned an AS in Graphic Design at Valencia College, harnessing formal education to fuel my design prowess.
In my design journey, I'm driven by a purpose that transcends aesthetics. My personal design style revolves around creating work that sparks positive change, while never failing to evoke a sense of joy. It's about weaving together a narrative that impacts lives while celebrating the beauty of the present moment.

she / they
she / they

When I'm not immersed in design, you'll find me embracing the symphony of life:

🧘‍♀️ Practicing yoga to find balance and clarity

🎶 Grooving to the rhythms of music events, where inspiration and beats collide

🍔 Exploring & discovering new food havens

🌴 Venturing through Florida's landscapes, capturing its essence one adventure at a time

🛍️ Hunting for vintage treasures that tell stories of the past


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