Because Of Them We Can ™​​​​​​​
A collection of work I did for the brand (Because Of Them We Can). BOTWC is a brand all about Black Excellence for Past, Present & Future.

Playful Article Banner for the Summer 2023 Website Launch

A template for black music month

An exclusively curated collection of designs that skillfully blend playful hand lettering, captivating visual illustration, and engaging design composition tailored for children.

All designs went into the first Black History and Excellence subscription box for kids. Each month kids can use the contents of the box to learn about trailblazers, organizations, or movements that paved the way!

For the children, because of them we can subscription box

An educational poster integrated into the Memphis Sanitation Workers Box project.

I designed & hand-lettered with a specific focus on the Nelson Mandela-themed box with the jigsaw puzzle being the main highlight.

The design pattern featured on the protractor set dedicated to Katherine Johnson.
Created this pattern design for a Katherine Johnson protractor incorporating elements that celebrate her legacy as a pioneering mathematician and physicist. 

This unique pattern was created specifically for a collection of baseball cards & other key components featuring players from the Negro League Baseball. 

These cards were created to pay tribute to the incredible talents and enduring legacy of African American baseball pioneers who broke barriers and played a vital role in the history of American sports. 2/8 from the overall collection 

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